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CRT Energy Saver 1.0.0

CRT Energy Saver 1.0.0: Save energy on CRT (not LCD) monitors by blacking out unused areas of the screen Energy Saver. If you click on the Yes button, CRT Energy Saver will shut down until you reboot Windows. Please also note that CRT Energy Saver does not replace or interfere with products that cause your computer and/or monitor to hibernate or go to standby after periods of inactivity. You should still use these products if possible in addition to CRT Energy Saver. CRT Energy Saver simply saves a little more energy while the monitor is in use, and

Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.6.4: Helps businesses to save energy by discovering waste and improving efficiency.
Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.6.4

Energy Lens helps you to analyze your energy data to find energy waste and to track changes in energy performance. Such regular energy monitoring can lead to significant energy savings. Energy Lens works with the high-resolution interval energy data that`s readily available to large buildings, and increasingly available to smaller ones. It`s an effective energy-management solution for businesses, and a powerful tool for energy consultants.

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USB CopyNotify! 1.4: USB CopyNotify! alerts you when a USB device is used on any PC on the network.
USB CopyNotify! 1.4

USB CopyNotify! notifies you when a USB removable device is being used on any of the PCs on the office network. This security utility prevents the unauthorized copying of confidential data on removable USB devices. It also sends a SAVE Energy alert if any computer in the office has been left ON and yet has been inactive for a specified period of time. This reduces the wastage of enerygy.

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BT Watcher Pro 1.6.0: Use your mobile phone to lock and unlock your computer screen automatically.
BT Watcher Pro 1.6.0

Automatic lock and unlock your computer screen via a mobile phone. BT Watcher automatically lock your computer every time you leave the vicinity of the computer and unlock computer when you will back. Can also automatically suspend and wake up monitor to save energy and battery life, or hibernate computer. BT Watcher show only small icon in system tray so is almost invisible in work.

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Private Label Energy Saver 1.2: Resell rights private label energy saver software
Private Label Energy Saver 1.2

energy prices and the threat of global warming, everyone could stand to conserve energy. Unfortunately, because of scheduled anti-virus, backup, and similar programs, many businesses and home users leave their computers on full time, paying for energy they dont really need. Now you can save on electricity and reduce greenhouse gasses without compromising your computers scheduled processes. Just use this software to schedule a time for your computer

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CO2 Saver 1.0.0: CO2 Saver adjusts computer settings to save energy, reduce global warming.
CO2 Saver 1.0.0

As seen on Good Morning America and The New York Times, CO2 Saver adjusts your computer`s power settings to automatically save as much energy as possible, thus reducing global warming and saving on your electrical bill. It even keeps track of how much you, everyone in your group, and all CO2 Savers worldwide are saving in total--already hundreds of tons of CO2, which translates into over 300 trees! Download today and help save the planet!

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PC Power Partner 1.2: Save the earth and your money with this free computer energy manager tool.
PC Power Partner 1.2

Save the environment from your computer Now you can conserve energy and save money by using PC Power Partner to manage your computer’s energy usage. With PC Power Partner, you can schedule times for your computer to shut down, hibernate, or go into standby mode. Stop wasting energy by leaving your computer on all the time. Instead, create schedules that work around your time on the computer – set it to hibernate during your lunch break each day

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